Rugged phone "metamorphosis" where you know how much?

2017-09-15By: admin
    There is a cell phone, their chassis is strong, long battery, not only in the bustling downtown fun, but also in the sparsely populated areas of power to survive. For the three anti-cell phone, in addition to waterproof, dustproof, shock, they also have some excitement? We come together to witness.

    General three anti-mobile phone can be arbitrarily set, anti-drop full, and the Italian dragon W9 is domineering, equipped with Corning gorilla third generation of glass, very strong, it will be a good assistant you smashed walnut.
    In all of its powerful applications, GPS positioning in the heart. This also let the Italian dragon is not only a communication tool, but also a detailed positioning system. In addition to dust and drop, its waterproof function is shocking.
    The use of imported rubber two-color injection made of tight pressure together, with the international standard protection IP68 rating, 1.5 meters long within the water depth of half an hour long intact. Built-in high-density waterproof membrane, waterproof layer of layers of protection, thrown into the water to be a circle, and then re-picked up, dry after the use of correct.
    In addition to these we can see, meaning dragon series W9, not only not bulky appearance, on the contrary, it is completely a smart machine appearance. 6-inch IPS hard screen, 1080P HD picture quality, enjoy the perfect mobile phone screen, no picture of the sense of violation, to bring the most perfect visual experience.

    High resolution 8 million pixels and 2.0 large aperture, regardless of the weather can shoot beautiful photos. 5 million high set of front camera, simple with the nature to capture your beauty. While the Italian dragon W9 4G and wireless network, so you browse the web and play the game is also high-speed operation. Using MTK6753 eight-core processor at the same time, 2GB running memory, watching movies, listening to music is unimpeded While the body 16GB of memory can be extended to 128GB.

    It is an all-conquering three anti-mobile phone, but also a worry-free communication tools at any time, it is travel to take pictures of the camera. In addition to smashing walnuts, water area, it is full of energy. 4000 mAh battery capacity, mobile phone standby time up to 246 hours, even in the case of inconvenient charging the field, it can safely use. While the length of 16 hours of continuous call, that is, to create a dedicated heart to witness the phone.

    In general, the Italian dragon mobile phone, from the beginning of the W series of adaptability since the closed, to its three anti-quality in a step by step to improve and verify that this upgrade, mobile phone performance and compatibility continue to improve, are Italy The dragon is getting better and better. Small to the use of mobile phones, big to a brand behind the heart to pay, these experiences Needless to say, but enough to make people nodded praise.

    Excellent craft, dedicated to create, this is the meaning of mobile phone: chic experience.

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