5G on the future changes and needs

2017-08-21By: E&L
In this new era of mobile Internet, 4G has not yet fully popular today, 5G has become a hot topic, swept from All this is due to the rise of the Internet of things - to achieve "all things interconnected", that is, people try to put all the "things" with digital link, and give its "computing" ability, communication and computing integration era.

In the past, everyone's understanding of the relationship with the 5G mostly stayed at a higher peak rate, as low as millisecond delay and lower cost and higher energy efficiency, and the 5G communication solution to the problem will become a reality. If from the capacity point of view about every 10 years for the generation, the past few generations, each generation about to provide a thousand times the capacity of capacity. From the equipment point of view, the most important equipment is the smart phone, PC, computer (Tablet PC) and so on. Intel predicted that by 2020, the number of devices linked to each other through the network will reach 50 billion units, from the sports equipment, embedded devices, robots and unmanned to smart home, interconnect factories, etc., have access to the network. This means that the data will be into the tsunami-like, and these massive data alone is 4G can not meet the demand. 4G is mainly used for communication between a single terminal and a base station, and 5G network coverage, including fixed equipment and mobile devices between all devices of communication, it is a seamless binding of all devices connected to the communication network The This means that, in addition to the transmission rate, connection rate, low latency, 5G also involves the computing power. Italian dragon E & L that 5G has become a "all things interconnected" variable, that is, 5G has become a fusion connection, computing and cloud trinity of the ecological. And this ecological infrastructure to deal with "all things interconnected" brought about by the impact of tsunami-like data, billions of scale links and the implementation of uninterrupted computing.

We have to enjoy the 5G brought about by the high transmission rate brought convenience, but also to face the two major problems: spectrum resources and performance and power consumption. Spectrum is the frequency distribution curve, widely used in radio technology and so on. Now the spectrum base is 1 GHz, to 5G when it can be increased to 5 to 10 times that must be given in the global range of 5 to 10GHz spectrum. Wireless networks, commercial networks, including wifi, cellular mobile communication networks, where the spectrum comes from, the spectrum is a limited non-renewable, a challenge for each country, but also taking into account the spectrum utilization ... Now 4G mobile phone to achieve the average rate has been very fast, one day a charge or acceptable. But the 5G high-speed transmission may cause half an hour of a charge, performance and power balance is a huge challenge.

To achieve the global 5G road is still very long, but the development of 5G is essential. The 5G Smart Connected World redefines connectivity and networking standards, resulting in higher data rates, lower latency, and the ability to activate things, new service models, and immersive user experience. 5G is a real turning point in the market.
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