Mobile phone lost binding "money" how to do? E & L for you

2017-08-19By: E&L
With the popularity of smart phones to pay, we can easily find more and more people do not have to go out with a wallet, the phone has become everyone's "wallet." From the taxi, ordering, water and electricity to pay in the convenience store to buy things, almost all aspects of life required for the transaction, the phone can be completed by a swept away, this convenience is difficult to imagine in previous years , Can be said that people pay a means of a qualitative leap.

However, all the advantages and disadvantages, with the popularity of this phenomenon, we can not ignore a major security risks also appear: If the phone accidentally lost, then the phone bundled bank card money how to do?

Will the money of Cary be stolen? If Pirates of the brush is still able to return? And whether there are ways to guard against these risks? In this regard, E & L in-depth analysis for you:

First of all, how do you turn away from your money? Research found that in order to steal Alipay in the money, you must master the ID number, binding bank card number and mobile phone number. If the payment wallet does not set the gesture password, others will be able to find Alipay dynamic password, and then modify the login password, remove the balance in the account.

So we can take many measures before the phone is lost to prevent it, for example:

1, Alipay and other applications to enable fingerprint password, gesture password;
2, do not set a small amount of secret payment
3, you can buy Alipay account security risks, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

If the phone has been lost how to ensure the safety of property?

1, the phone freeze the binding of Alipay and online banking;
2, call the lost mobile phone number of the operator, the corresponding loss of the mobile phone number.
3, call to use the lost number to open the phone online banking bank, freeze the corresponding phone online banking.
4, through the computer end login Alipay, Jie Bao Bao Bao on the fast payment function, the replacement of the password.
5, through the computer login Tencent frozen account of the official website, freeze the WeChat account.
6, modify their own microblogging password, QQ password and other communication dating tool password.
7, as soon as possible to the local business office for card business.
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