5G arrival will achieve a real "all things interconnected"

2017-08-18By: E&L
4G development opened a new era of mobile Internet, and the future 5G arrival will be achieved with the vertical industry wide, deep integration, to achieve real "all things interconnection." The connection between people and people can not meet the needs of future communications.

      Today's communications technology is moving forward 5G, a new mobile network is about to emerge, it will connect new industries, spawn new services, and bring a new user experience to meet the growing demand from now to the future. The 5G network will provide a higher peak rate, as low as millisecond delay and lower cost and higher energy efficiency for the "big connection era".

      Although there are many problems 5G has not yet resolved, but based on the future 5G mobile network business experience will not be geographically limited and rapid interaction and dissemination. (VR / AR) will be the most popular platform, 5G to meet the virtual reality mechanism experience on the network requirements: single-user immersive experience rate of 4.2Gbps, no vertigo sense of the network Round trip delay <7ms.

      With the advantages of millisecond delay, large links and ultra fast rates 5G technology, so that intelligent driving into our lives is an important research direction in the field of communication and automotive work to solve road traffic safety problems and develop applications. Smart driving to change life can avoid 80% of traffic accidents, reduce the 60% traffic congestion.

      5G technology based on mobile medical care will change the traditional way of treatment and treatment, from queuing to stay at home, from the patient treatment to remote medical treatment; and remote medical treatment this requires the intervention of intelligent robots, they need to send a doctor Directive to make real-time feedback. 5G maximum net speed peak network to 10Gbps, can easily meet the requirements of telemedicine.

      5G network mobility, real-time, connectivity, reliability, security and many other advantages will promote the future development trend of the Internet.
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