For smart phones, it is necessary to add three anti-attributes?

2017-08-15By: E&L
With the frequent updating of mobile phone models iterations and rapid development. The major mobile phone manufacturers also find ways to add a variety of new features on the phone, such as ultrasonic fingerprint recognition function, optical anti-shake lens, etc .; also continue to enhance the software performance, a variety of strong performance CPU and so on.

But the "three defenses" the word you must not be very familiar with, after Nokia "three anti" function rarely into people's attention. Until the three anti-mobile phone brand in the overseas sales of the success (such as E & L products in more than 30 countries), only three anti-property once again into the people's concerns.

Mobile phone industry in the "three anti" is dust, shock, waterproof function. The three anti-mobile phone is its professional waterproof, dustproof and excellent anti-drop performance, capable of exceptionally poor weather conditions and special occasions. In the current mobile phone has made a fast consumer products manufacturers and consumers in the eyes, basically no need to do three defense. The same time as

And the smart phone on the market stereotyped often no electricity, could not withstand the fall, can not prevent the dust, could not bear the bubble ... ... so we had to always take a protective shell and with a heavy charge of the treasure, For the owner of the phone we have become a slave to the phone.

As the domestic and international professional anti-three mobile phone brand, Italy has been insisting on R & D and production of high quality products in line with market demand, E & L series models are characterized by three anti, at the same time both perfect intelligent system functions. IP68 level of waterproof and drop, dust, high temperature and anti-corrosion, is the outdoor sports enthusiasts "darling", Italian dragon W series, imported soft plastic perfusion body, nano-screw suture, bring more solid Body structure. More waterproof and drop. 4000mAh large battery, intelligent energy-saving system, so that the journey is full of positive energy.

In addition to the above products, E & L series in order to meet the needs of more consumers around the world, will soon be listed on a number of new models of products, will make you shines.

It is because E & L on the "three anti-insistence" and "good product" insisted, so that E & L by all walks of life and outdoor enthusiasts agree, while E & L to "three anti" function once again become the focus of the crowd, Defense or will become the necessary skills for mobile phones in the future.
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