Mobile phone manufacturers had to use this method to the mobile phone heat!

2017-08-14By: E&L

With the development of science and technology, mobile phones spread to everyone's hands, successfully integrated into the way of life. Now the performance of smart phones also will be more and more strong, the fuselage is getting thinner, but the problem is that the use of mobile phones in the process of heating is also more and more serious. E & L found that in particular the use of mobile phones to play large games or long time to talk, the phone sometimes hot people doubt life, in fact, many mobile phone manufacturers in the smart phone cooling have resorted to their own housekeeping skills.

Graphite heat

Graphite heat is the industry more common a mobile phone cooling method, many mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple, OPPO and so on. It is applied by a stack of graphene made of graphite heat film, covering the inside of the fuselage, from top to bottom, left and right two places for heat and heat. Before the Internet there is a "graphene cooling paste", the principle is to be directly attached to the back of the phone, the body surface heat conduction, about 5 degrees Celsius to cool down.

Hot brass / water cooling

Initially mobile phone manufacturers use brass cooling is to suppress Xiaolong 810 overheating, but the effect is not obvious. Later, there are manufacturers of hot copper tube cooling design improved, its working principle is: the tube is negative pressure, both ends of the graphite and mobile phone components, the tube itself contains a small amount of liquid to cool, with the temperature rise of high temperature liquid Into the gas, heat to the end of the graphite sheet, the liquid core will be low-temperature liquid to the component side, so the cycle.

Thermal grease / silicon pad

Thermal grease and silicon pad are often used by manufacturers to use, in which the grease is paste or gelatinous, usage is applied to the surface of the key components of the phone, such as CPU and so on. The silicon pad is a block, a block covering the top of the component. The combination of the two heat dissipation effect than simply paste the heat to be better.

Ice nest heat dissipation

The cooling of the ice is a costly way of cooling, it is seen only on very few models, using a phase change material similar to a liquid metal for heat conduction. The most special place for this phase change material is that it absorbs heat in addition to heat, so the heat dissipation is much better than simply passing heat.

Although the heat of the phone is inevitable, but what kind of cooling to use more effective to reduce the phone heat is also one of the main problems of mobile phone manufacturers think. In fact, no matter what kind of cooling method, its purpose is not to heat and heat, but in order to better improve the user experience. Users in the use of mobile phones in the process should also be a lot of attention, Ken Xinda believe that with the development of science and technology, mobile phone manufacturers will also from the processor technology and architecture, mobile phone system optimization aspects, better solve the lack of mobile phone The place.

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