E&L S60 with hydrophilic essential, you smooth cool summer

2017-08-09By: E&L
The dog days come
How hot is it?

Recently a news, Africa. Brother... In the dark Chinese.

Ever since the "barbecue" mode was opened
High temperature warning and rainstorm warning should be issued together
Small partners can not help but express
It's probably boiling water
So hot summer, a good place to go
It's underwater
On the way out to play,
Many people are faced with such worries:
Cell phones are very inconvenient to hold in hand,
It crashes or falls into the water and crashes in minutes
The heart is a little cold
However, there is such a mobile phone
Accompany you into the water, without fear

It's E&L S60

A machine to prop up a play, no barrage barrier, 1.5m drop unscathed

This summer, the intention of the Dragon together,
Summer heat dissipation, smooth cool summer!
E&L, W9, how much do you know about these black technologies? Mobile phone manufacturers had to use this method to the mobile phone heat!