E&L, W9, how much do you know about these black technologies?

2017-12-01By: E&L

Have to say that smart phones are almost hand, Red Sea market just now, and now all mobile phone manufacturers are holding a variety of mobile phone conference. The general conference has not started before the wind has been released. So, every day and you stay together morning and night mobile phone, you know how much? From the mobile phone giant to a niche brand, the replacement of calcium carbide flame room, however, you will be up posture today ~!

E&L W9 is the dragon company launched a military grade three mobile phone, the intelligent mobile phone based on the Android system, sturdy and durable, designed for industrial users, equipped with Android V6.0 system, IP68 waterproof up to 1.5 meters, the closed lid for 30 minutes.

 Concrete resistance up to 1.5m.

The size of the machine is 176.4x88.2x12.2mm, the weight is 285g, and the frame is made of alloy frame. The height of anti fall is 1.8 meters, and the anti dropping effect even exceeds the military standard.

6 inches high-definition super large screen, anti scratch, after the Italian test, smashing walnuts, car rolling, knives and other violent tests are still intact. In the center of the screen is the receiver, and on the left of the receiver is the front camera. CNC process with silver. The back of the screen is the speaker, and at the bottom, there are three function keys, from left to right, namely menu, HOME key and return key".

E&L W9 mobile phone is a dual sim dual standby mobile phone, and supports SD card expansion. The back of the phone is equipped with modules, as well as the rear 800W pixel camera, speed eight core 1.5GHz processor, equipped with MTK 6753 powerful chip.

Mobile phone with dustproof, shockproof and waterproof characteristics.

A screen that supports wet hands, plus the ability to dive for 5 meters
Operations can also be performed in water
Fall impact casting architecture to support 1.8m, 810G of the fuselage
Resist sudden shock from special scene such as construction site

Holding it in your hand is a small cell phone, but its power is really beyond estimate.

This collection of black and white technology in one of the mobile phones, you really do not heart?
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