What are three anti mobile phones? How to choose three mobile phones?

2017-08-07By: E&L

Three cell phone features are very simple, that is, dustproof, shockproof, waterproof function of the mobile phone, mainly for young people who love outdoor sports or have special needs of professional users. With its professional waterproof, dustproof and excellent anti fall, anti rolling performance, it can be used in extremely bad weather conditions and special occasions.

Based on the national three defense technical standards, combined with the actual needs of the market and customers, the three grade is defined as the three level standards, that is, junior, intermediate and advanced (professional level). The three level is defined as follows:

Junior: IP56 - class 5 dust rating, class 6 waterproof grade, 1.5M drop, regular vibration.

Intermediate: IP57 - 5 class dust rating, 7 class waterproof grade, 3M drop, regular vibration.

Senior: IP68 - class 6 dust rating, class 8 waterproof grade, 5M drop, regular vibration.

The protection grade adopts the IP * * grade standard recommended by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and the grades are different for different installations. Specific can refer to the following description selected. In the grade standard, "X" is the two digit number, the first represents the protection level of the solid, and the second represents the protection level of the liquid. There are 7 grades of solid protection, which are represented by 0-6. There are 9 grades of liquid protection, which are expressed in 0-8.

Dust rating

0: there is no protection
1: to prevent large solid invasion
2: prevent medium size solid intrusion
3: prevent small solids from entering the invasion
4: prevent objects larger than 1mm solid access
5: to prevent harmful dust accumulation

6: completely prevent dust entering

Waterproof grade

0: there is no protection
1: water droplets drip into the casing without affecting
2: when the case is tilted to 15 degrees, the water droplets drip into the casing without affecting
3: water or rain from the 60 degree corner to the shell has no effect
4: liquid poured in any direction to the shell, no harm
5: rinse with water without any harm
6: can be used in cabin environment
7: resistant immersion in a short period of time (1m)
8: for a long time under certain pressure flooding
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