Real three proof mobile phone - E&L S60

2017-11-10By: E&L

Today, the sale of three mobile phones in the market mainly in two forms, namely, three mobile phones and three professional three mobile phones. Three is based on mobile phone manufacturers mobile phone are established on the basis of the three feature phone added, and its protection effect can only support the daily life protection, and professional R & D and production of three core three century is based on the design of mobile phone to ensure high protection based on the technology and performance, so there are obvious differences in professional three mobile phone and daily use ordinary mobile phone appearance design, the material selection and process of the mobile phone is more exquisite than usual.

Professional mobile phone three international protection standards ranging from IP54-IP68 (where IP68 is the highest standards of international protection), the first is based on the outdoor of R & D and production of waterproof, dustproof, anti three mobile phone, is famous for its high powerful protective performance.

But hit the powerful walnut all-weather rugged type three mobile phone E&L S60 its professional three high performance and unimaginable let you can keep in touch with the outside world in no matter how bad the environment, overcome all the communication tools can not influent the dust, afraid of falling through disease.

E&L S60 9.8mm thin body, equipped with MTK6753 8 core processor, running memory 3GB +32GB body memory 128GB SD card expansion, rear 13 million pixel camera, accurate color tuning with the unique photo mode, hardware and software combination is brought about by the high degree of reduction of the imaging level focus speed.

With 3000mAh batteries, even in all the smart phone industry, this product is also overbearing enough, hardware is top class.

E&L S60 has three military standard, IP68, can withstand 1.5 meters high fall, and in 5 meters deep water for 1 hours. Photographed underwater for 1 hours in a deep 5 meter deep underwater.
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