Future smart phones will develop into three smart phones

2017-08-04By: E&L

Midsummer, scorching sun, rainstorm also repeatedly, if you carelessly forget to bring umbrella, and at this time there is a very important phone, then a quality, ignore any weather conditions of the mobile phone is particularly important.

"Three mobile phone" in recent years appear in front of you vocabulary, although in public in front of the user has not been touted, but in the outdoors, extreme sports circle, the concept of three is big. People may have only a vague understanding that is three with dust, waterproof, anti shock function of mobile phone calls, but with the concept of the true standard, overwhelmed by the author to science about the three mobile phone.

The three level is defined as follows:

Primary three proof standard: IP56 - 5 class dustproof grade, 6 class waterproof grade, 1.5M drop, regular vibration.
Intermediate three proof standard: IP57 - 5 class dustproof class, 7 class waterproof grade, 3M drop, regular vibration.

High level (Professional) three standard: IP68 - 6 class dust rating, 8 class waterproof grade, 5M drop, regular vibration.

However, the sale of three mobile phones in the market is generally relatively heavy, large body, mainly on the strength and toughness of the high rigid plastic, everywhere showing a "tough guy" feeling. Such a "heavy taste" of the mobile phone is not suitable for everyone, but Xiao Bian next inventory is some of the shape and current trends in the most closely linked three smart phones.

E&L S60 9.8mm thin body, equipped with MTK6753 8 core processor, running memory 3GB +32GB body memory 128GB SD card expansion, rear 13 million pixel camera, accurate color tuning with the unique photo mode, hardware and software combination is brought about by the high degree of reduction of the imaging level focus speed.

With 3000mAh batteries, even in all the smart phone industry, this product is also overbearing enough, hardware is top class.
E&L S60 has three military standard, can withstand 1.5 meters high fall, and in 5 meters deep water for 1 hours. Photographed underwater for 1 hours in a deep 5 meter deep underwater.
For the survival of the wild to build the military three anti - cell phone - E & L W9 Real three proof mobile phone - E&L S60