Shenzhen E&L Communications Co., Ltd. 

E&L was founded in October 2011, it's a national level high tech enterprises with the collection of mobile phone research and development, manufacturing and service. Total employees is over 2000 persons, around 300 is engaged in R&D while around 800 in the headquarters, more than 90% have bachelor's degree, 5 Phd, covering more than 20 subjects, 40 majors, with a reasonable knowledge structure and a strong sense of innovation. We've established a modern enterprise management system and brand operation system, based on domestic and foreign markets, for the global, to create a diversified international brand.

The company is equipped with advanced multi-functional laboratory and a variety of high-end testing equipments, including product appearance, structure, main board, chip, hardware, software design. With factories in China (One of them covers 100 thousand square meters area), India, Ethipoia, our production capacity is around 150 million / year, from raw material procurement, production, inspection, export and other sectors have implemented IOS9001-2015 quality management system, from the management, research and development, production, quality reach the international professional standards. 

After many years of technology and experience precipitation, E&L has now launched the rugged phones with  military quality in order to win the country's highest standard IP68 protection level and MIL_STD_810G certification. With its professional waterproof, dustproof and shockproof quality, our rugged smartphones can be carried with you both in the harsh working environment and outdoor conditions.

After many years of overseas market expansion, we've set up business in Russia, Dubai, Iran, Australia, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mexico and other more than 60 countries.

People oriented:

Enterprise competition is the talent competition, the company regards its rich experienced staff as the center, try to realize the value of employees. To establish human resources is the concept of the first resources, respect for labor, respect for knowledge, respect for talent, respect for creation.

Scientific innovation:

Innovation is the driving force of enterprise development, in order to constantly innovate to meet the needs of the vast number of consumers, we adhere to the scientific development, innovation and enterprise development.