E&L S50 - The Best Rugged Smartphone For Your Money in The Year 2017.

2017-08-30By: admin

E&L S50 is considered as the best rugged smartphone that is worth paying for in the year 2017. Smartphones have taken the world by storm. This is mainly because they double up as mini, portable computers. You can enjoy most of the computer features on a smartphone. This has made it convenient for business people to conduct their businesses from any given time and place. The truth however is that modern-day smartphones are delicate and frail as compared to the previous phones.

For this reason, most people are wary of buying them. The high pricing of these phones combined with how easily they can get damaged has prevented many from purchasing them. So, how then is it possible to enjoy all the functions of a smartphone even in rugged settings or environment without worrying about damage? Buying a rugged smartphone is the answer to this question. This type of phone is designed to be tough and suited for harsh environments including garages, construction sites and factories among others.

These are work sites that have elements that could prove to be damaging to normal smartphones. Individuals working in such settings have for the longest time had to buy phones that are not too delicate. But thanks to such rugged phones, they can now enjoy their favorite features without worrying too much. This is because E&L S50 was designed to be resistant to shock, water and dust. 

What is the Basic Feature of E&L S50?

The basic feature of E&L S50 is that it has iP68 waterproof rating that gives super protection. In addition to this, it has 1080P ultra clear resolution with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 that will provide you with excellent visual enjoyment. It also offers ultimate experience and comfortable feel. It weighs 165G with 9.5mm body and 77.68% of screen is accounted for comfortable feel. It has 8MP rear camera and also 8MP front camera that have the ability to shoot multi-angle panoramic photos and the movement patterns. Its battery capacity is 2700mah with unique node mode and long standby. E&L S50 has back fingerprint unlock and dual SIM standby.

What kind of situation that you need a Rugged Phone?

Rugged smartphones with a tough construction and built eliminate the worry that comes with dropping them on hard surfaces or in water. They have designs that are tough enough to withstand these elements. Hence, those working in such areas can still enjoy their functionalities without too much worrying. This encourages the use of technical applications enjoyable from a smartphone to make work easier. It all translates into excellent productivity and in all settings. Rugged phones were initially developed to suit office settings and demands. They ended up rescuing those operating in harsh areas and this ended up expanding the manufacturing to seal the gap.

With a rugged phone, even hikers can carry it with them without any worries. It is literally a phone that anyone can enjoy and carry along without worrying. Even parents with children who love tampering with their phones can now relax in case the kid drop the phone or accidentally pours water on it. You can use E&L S50 in the most rugged environments, be it a factory or a construction without worrying about the common elements that might cause damage to it. The phones are designed waterproof, shockproof and dustproof, making them preferable in harsh environments. E&L S50 will function normally even if you drop it hard on a surface or in water. The worries of your child damaging your phone are lessened by this phone too. You will literally enjoy a worry-free life when you purchase a rugged phone. 

Why Choose S50? Compare to other Rugged Phone.

Smartphones have become an essential tool in our social life and are even more important in our work life. Today’s companies depend on communications to provide their customers with the best service and modern consumers expect instant answers to their queries. Technology has certainly moved on a long way in the last ten years and smartphones and internet devices are readily available and they work extremely well.

Most people have email on the go now as well as internet and the days of the mobile phone with just texts and calls are virtually gone. As we become more reliant on this type of instant service, it seems to be a major problem when phone develops a fault or if we break it. The new smartphones much bigger screens now which make them much easier to break. Many different companies have tried to produce this type of rugged phone but really only JCB and Samsung have made anything that is up to the job. Samsung were the 1st to market and they continue to make a small range of rugged phones that is pretty good. JCB have taken the task one step further by producing a full range of this type of phone including the first ever phone that actually floats.

The JCB range extends to eight models, all of which have military specifications on dust proofing and water. They have also gone to extra mile and teamed up with Motorola to produce a full Android model that can be used for internet access and email. The rugged phones are gaining popularity not just among those working in areas where phones are readily exposed to harsh elements, but also to individuals who prize the durability feature when it comes to smartphones. The demand has increased as a result of the rise in dealers offering rugged smartphones for sale. 


Even though E&L S50 comes at a much higher price than all other smartphones, the prices your dealer offers you should not be out of this world. Once you have done a market research, you will know which price range is reasonably good. Rugged phones that are unbelievably cheap might not be that genuine, so be careful with low prices you can’t trust. When it comes to rugged phones, E&L S50 is a better choice for you. With its excellent features and specifications, you can be sure that your money will never be wasted. Buy E&L S50 today and be amazed with its unique features that you will surely love. 

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